Terpene Extracts: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

?To simply put it, terpenes are essential oils that function to improve your “high.” Moreover, they give off lots of medical benefits. For a deeper level, terpenes are aromatic organic compounds that can be seen everywhere—some insects and plants. Naturally, cannabis has high terpenes levels. Terpenes provide a lot of benefits, which we will discuss in this article. As you read through this article, you may eventually encounter new facts that may interest you along the way. If you want this informative yet fun content, keep on reading this article: 

Linalool can aid to avert seizures 

Have you tried smelling lavender oil? If yes, you’re probably aware of how relaxing it could be. What you may fail to know is that linalool—a primary terpene that can be seen in lavender—is recognized for its antiepileptic properties. 

Researchers have revealed that glutamate—the main excitatory neurotransmitter in our brains that instigates seizure activity— is moderated if terpene is applied. Sadly, no research has been done with human subjects as of the moment.? 

More than 200 terpenes are determined in the cannabis plant 

Studies show that the cannabis plant is made up of an extensive range if terpenes that identify each of the strain’s distinct aroma and flavor. Even a lot of people attest that this is what affects the effect of the cannabis strain.? 

Terpenes are not mainly intended to make humans feel better or happy 

Terpenes do not exist on earth with the mere purpose of helping human beings. Actually, they are part of the defense system of the plants. Terpenes work to shield from pest invasions and high temperatures. They are simply among those naturally occurring mysteries to also make humans feel good. But now, they are widely used to make an individual feel happy or better. Search for?terpenes for sale?now and try it out for yourself.? 

The quality of terpene is based on how the plant is fed 

No matter what type of plant or if its cannabis, the extracted terpene’s quality is affected according to what the plant is fed. If you want to take terpenes that are based on cannabis, it would be a wise move to know how the plant is grown, fed, and maintained. As you consume terpenes from other sources, like plants, trees, and fruits, guarantee to determine how it is sourced. This involves extraction, storage methods, and source choice.? 

Terpenes offer medicinal effects 

As aromatherapists claimed that essential oils provide therapeutic benefits, a lot of us may want to learn whether they can result in any, real physiological changes in our bodies. Research has proven that they actually do. Terpenes with more than 0.5% concentration are thought of as pharmacological interest. Meaning, it can successfully change behavior and carry out different changes in our physiology.? 

Terpenes aroma and flavor can be maintained once they are properly stored 

If you plan to keep the terpene strain or isolate’s aroma and flavor profile, make sure that they are properly stored. Or else, the terpenes will eventually lose its attractive aroma and potent flavoring.